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Bean Accelerometer For Solar Race Car

A simple and straightforward way to measure bump, braking and turning acceleration on a student-built solar powered race car.

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Bean Accelerometer For Solar Race Car

Things used in this project

Hardware components

LightBlue Bean+
Punch Through LightBlue Bean+

Software apps and online services

Punch Through Bean Loader for IOS
Bean Console


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Custom parts and enclosures

Bean+ case

This is the .stl file for our Bean + case.


Bean+ GetAcceleration Code File

Upload to Bean using Bean Loader. This is basically the example GetAcceleration sketch that comes with Bean Loader with a few minor changes. We changed the accelerometer range to +/- 4G on line 16. The default is +/- 2G which was not enough range for our bump tests. We also set the sleep duration to 100ms on line 27 ito get readings on a faster timescale.
  This sketch reads the acceleration from the Bean's on-board accelerometer. 
  The acceleration readings are sent over serial and can be accessed in Arduino's Serial Monitor.
  To use the Serial Monitor, set Arduino's serial port to "/tmp/tty.LightBlue-Bean"
  and the Bean as "Virtual Serial" in the OS X Bean Loader.
  This example code is in the public domain.

void setup() {
  // Bean Serial is at a fixed baud rate. Changing the value in Serial.begin() has no effect.
  // Optional: Use Bean.setAccelerationRange() to set the sensitivity to something other than the default of ±2g.
  Use Bean.setAccelerationRange(4);

void loop() {
  // Get the current acceleration with range of ±2g, and a conversion of 3.91×10-3 g/unit or 0.03834(m/s^2)/units. 
  AccelerationReading acceleration = Bean.getAcceleration();
  // Format the serial output like this:    "X: 249  Y: -27   Z: -253"
  String stringToPrint = String();
  stringToPrint = stringToPrint + "X: " + acceleration.xAxis + "\tY: " + acceleration.yAxis + "\tZ: " + acceleration.zAxis;


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