Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Cutout cortado grande
Punch Through LightBlue Bean
Tail light
Mfr 25frf52 1k sml
Resistor 1k ohm
1M ohm resistor
0.1uf capacitor
Hand tools and fabrication machines:
09507 01
Soldering iron (generic)
Screw driver
Needle-nose pliers


Taillight new1


This sketch automizes turning a bike taillight ON and OFF. 

The bike light will turn on when the taillight is in vertical position and it moves.

This example code is in the public domain.

// When acceleration change goes beyond this threshold, the LED will blink.
#define THRESHOLD 100
#define BUTTON_PIN 0

AccelerationReading previousAccel;
uint16_t ledReading = 0;
bool ledIsOn;
// Timer counts how long the taillight has been still
int timer = 0;
//String state;

void setup() {
// Initial reading
previousAccel = Bean.getAcceleration(); 

void loop() {
// Check if the taillight is ON or OFF
ledReading = getLedReading();
if(ledReading == 0){
ledIsOn = false;
ledIsOn = true;

// Get the current acceleration with a conversion of 3.9110-3 g/unit.
AccelerationReading currentAccel = Bean.getAcceleration();

// Find the difference between the current acceleration and that of 200ms ago.
int accelDifference = getAccelDifference(previousAccel, currentAccel);

// Update previousAccel for the next loop. 
previousAccel = currentAccel;

// Check if the conditions are right to turn ON the taillight
if(accelDifference > THRESHOLD// Taillight is moving
&& !ledIsOn // LED is OFF
&& currentAccel.xAxis < -200){// Taillight is in a vertical position
// state = "Active";
timer = 0;
// Turn the LED ON
// Check if the conditions are right to turn OFF the taillight
else if(accelDifference < THRESHOLD // Taillight is still && ledIsOn){// LED is ON // state = "Inactive"; timer ++; if(timer > 30){
 // Turn the LED OFF
 timer = 0;
// state = "Other";
timer = 0;

// String output = String();
// output = output + "State: " + state + "\tTimer: " + timer + "\tLED Reading: " + ledReading + "\tAccel Diff: " + accelDifference + "\tAccel X Axis: " + currentAccel.xAxis;
// Serial.println(output);


// This function calculates the difference between two acceleration readings
int getAccelDifference(AccelerationReading readingOne, AccelerationReading readingTwo){
int deltaX = abs(readingTwo.xAxis - readingOne.xAxis);
int deltaY = abs(readingTwo.yAxis - readingOne.yAxis);
int deltaZ = abs(readingTwo.zAxis - readingOne.zAxis);
// Return the magnitude
return deltaX + deltaY + deltaZ; 

// This function simulates a button press to turn the light ON or OFF
void pressButton(int milliseconds){
// Simulate a button press for a duration 
digitalWrite(BUTTON_PIN, LOW);
// Set BUTTON_PIN as a high impedance input to simulate a "button release" and allow the physical button to function again

// We use a low-pass filter connected to LED_STATUS_PIN to monitor the LED state
// When LED_STATUS_PIN is above a certain value it corresponds to the LED being OFF
uint16_t getLedReading(){
uint32_t reading = 0;
// Take the average of 8 readings over a period of time
for(int i = 0; i<8; i++){
reading += analogRead(LED_STATUS_PIN);
reading = reading/8;
return reading;


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This is mine
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